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Tax Free for BFPO Overseas and Non EC customers

Goods exported out of the EC or to overseas British Forces BFPO addresses usually qualify for a tax free sales. Our shopping basket will automatically remove VAT (UK sales tax) once you have entered a valid tax free destination address during the checkout process.

Does VAT apply to all goods? No, UK VAT is currently charged on most merchandise except books, most food and children`s clothes and children's shoes which are free of VAT and are therefore not eligible for further reductions in sales tax.

What restrictions are there? You remain liable for any local import duties specific to your countries laws. Most countries operate a threshold system so that lower value items will remain exempt of taxation, however you should contact your local customs and excise department for specific details.

How do I claim my refund? No claim is necessary - the tax is automatically removed by our checkout when you enter your valid overseas delivery address.

I'm in the UK Forces stationed overseas, how do I qualify? Use 'BFPO Overseas' as your destination country to obtain VAT free invoicing. You will also need to fax (+44 1926 353476) or post to us an application for exemption from VAT under Article 15.10 of the Sixth VAT Directive or, if not available, a written order/certificate confirming eligibility under that Article from your C.O. prior to dispatch - REGRETTABLY DUE TO THE LARGE NUMBERS OF MISSING AND DAMAGED ITEMS AND POOR RESPONSES TO CLAIMS FROM BFPO WE ARE NO LONGER SHIPPING TO BFPO ADDRESSES. WE ARE SINCERELY SORRY FOR THIS AND HOPE TO BE ABLE TO RESUME SERVICE IN FUTURE FOR OUR EXTREMELY IMPORTANT FORCES PERSONNEL