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Please do not hesitate to call or email if you need any help or advice choosing or using our products.
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What a lot of ropes ....!
To help navigate you to the right rope for your needs we've grouped the ropes into similar roles below:

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We also offer a rope cutting service and some basic advice toward the bottom of this page.

We hold good stock of our most popular ropes but to keep rope stock fresh, prices low and maximum choice of styles and lengths we generally order rope in from the manufacturer to order so next day delivery is not always possible. If your requirement is urgent, please contact us first for a delivery estimate. 

Scrambling, Glacier and confidence ropes
Ultra-lightweight ropes designed for short-roping on difficult terrain. Ideal to give extra confidence to less-able scramblers. Should not be used where a leader fall is possible. Glacier ropes usually include dry treatment but are not suitable for ice climbing. 

Roca Trek 7.8mm Auxilliary Twin rope - Dry Treated
Roca Trek 7.8mm Auxilliary Twin rope - Dry Treated


Colour Preference

Exceptionally lightweight long-life and fully dry-treated multipurpose scrambing, ski randonee, climbing trekking and glacier twin rope. Handles superbly due to an outer sheath construction that resists kinking normally associated with narrow ropes.

Weighing only 43 g per metre, this rope is ideal for protecting those awkward stretches on hikes, glaciers or when ski mountaineering. Dry treated and long-life treated sheath.

Diameter (mm)7.8
Rope TypeTwin
Weight (g/m)43
Number of falls14
Impact force (kN)7,7
Dynamic elongation (%)33.9
Sheath slippage (mm)0
Sharp edge testedY

Our best selling small rope - so we can also offer the best prices to you:

Length Option SRP Our Price You Save
20m - 45.00 37.50 7.50
30m - 60.00 47.50 12.50
Edelrid Glacier Dry 8,5mm
Edelrid Glacier Dry 8,5mm



Glacier Dry
With its water repellent sheath this rope is ideal for use as a safety rope on glaciers available in 30 and 40 meter lengths. Not suitable for ice climbing.

Length Option SRP Our Price You Save
30m - £63.00 £56.70 £6.30
40m - £84.00 £75.60 £8.40
Edelrid Confidence 8,0mm non-dynamic
Edelrid Confidence 8,0mm non-dynamic



Sometimes your nerves need a little support when you are on a demanding walk, scramble, or with children in the mountains. For such moments we have the confidence rope an 8 mm rope with a host of uses and always good to have with you. Not to be used on Glaciers.

Length Option SRP Our Price You Save
18m - 21.00 18.90 2.10
30m - 36.50 32.85 3.65
36m - 44.00 39.60 4.40

Dynamic Single Ropes
Full ropes designed for general climbing in a variety of conditions and are compatible with most climbing hardware. These ropes are classed as Single which means they can be used without any other rope as a means of fall arrest.


30 or 40m lengths are ideal for indoor climbing and low level crags.

50 or 60m will suit almost all UK climbing venues and are the most popular choice.

70m and 80m ropes tend to be for specialist uses as their weight can be substantial.

Bulk rope is available uncut or supplied cut to shorter lengths, typically used for center or group uses.


Generally the thicker the rope the tougher it is and the more suitable for more regular falls for beginners, indoor climbing and project uses.

Medium diameter ropes suit the majority of general climbing styles.

Thinner varieties are more specialised and best for ice and sport climbing where minimum weight and fast handling is important.


Choose dry (Sec) treatments to prolong life by reducing soiling and avoid heavy wet or frozen ropes in winter.

Antiabrasion treatments help the rope to age better (less 'fluffyness' ) and handle easier for and reduce friction. 

Zero G Tanga 10.5mm classic single rope
Zero G Tanga 10.5mm classic single rope

length and treatment

This classic rope has outstanding abrasion resistance while maintaining soft handling and great knotability. The ends of the rope have a compact finish where the core and sheath come together as one unit eliminating sheath slippage. The ropes are centre marked for safety and convenience. The perfect rope for classic climbing, cragging or general mountaineering.

"A perfect first rope, easy to handle, durable .... great value for money " Climber Magazine

Zero G The Outcrop 10.5mm x 30m
Zero G The Outcrop 10.5mm x 30m

Price:  £50.56 / EUR 63.19 Including VAT

This classic rope has outstanding abrasion resistance while maintaining soft handling and great knotability. The ends of the rope have a compact finish where the core and sheath come together as one unit eliminating sheath slippage. This 30m version of the popular Tanga is the perfect rope for short pitch cragging.

"A perfect first rope, easy to handle, durable .... great value for money " Climber Magazine
Zero G Thong 9.7mm Sports rope
Zero G Thong 9.7mm Sports rope

length and treatment

This is a high performance yet lightweight rope that utilizes a special sheath braiding technique known as SBS. The rope handles beautifully and offers high abrasion resistance, however as it is smother it handles faster. The ends of the rope have a compact finish where the core and sheath come together as one unit eliminating sheath slippage. Recommended uses are extreme and sports climbing and the "mega dry" version is perfect for advanced alpine climbing.

Half ropes or Double ropes
Narrow ropes designed specifically for outdoor climbing. Half ropes ( also known as double ropes) are ideal on multipitch routes to provide longer rapels, greater margin for safety, easier handling and much greater flexibility. Massive reduction in rope drag is possible by clipping in such a way as to avoid Zig-Zagging. It is not necessary to clip Half or Double ropes into every point.

Dry treatment is strongly advised for longer wear, winter and ice climbing.

Twin ropes
Ultra-Narrow twin ropes. MUST be used in a pair or doubled up and MUST clip through the same protection points for the whole route. Twin ropes are designed to provide additional protection against rope failure. Their very low weight is useful in high altitude situations and during rescue. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND these ropes for general climbing unless you are absolutely sure you know how and when they are safe to use. 

Static / Semi-Static Ropes
Ropes with little or no stretch. Not to be used where dynamic forces (eg falls) may be present. Used primarily for rigging, rapelling and hauling purposes. We also include floating high visibility ropes for use in canyoning and water traverses. 

Rope Cutting Service
Rope Cutting Service



If you purchase a rope from us and would like it cut into two or more lengths please add this service to your basket and email your requirements if it is not listed as an option

All our cutting is done with a professional Engel-Coupeur Thermal Blade which cuts and seals the sheath and core fibres at the optimum temperature for thermal welds.

While this is the same technique used by most manufacturers, climbing walls and retail outlets we are obliged to point out the following conditions:

i) All ropes cut to custom lengths are classed as Special Orders and cannot be returned.
ii) The original manufacturers specification for the rope may be modified within 5cm of the cut location.
iii) If present, original rope marking labels (indicating length for example) may be invalidated and will be removed.
iv) The customer assumes all responsibility for the design of modified ropes.
v) Only available at time of purchase
vi) Ropes with center marking or change of pattern will only be cut at the half-way point and the marked region will be discarded.
vii) We reserve the right to charge for this service for a large number of cuts from a single rope length.

Rope buying advice
Your rope is one of the most important pieces of equipment and is subjected to some of the harshest treatment: scraping, pulling, dirt, water, ice crystals, sunlight etc. Look after your rope and it will look after you but it won't last forever. Depending on level of use and storage conditions ropes typically last from 3 months to 3 years.

Some advice to help choose a rope ( in no particular order):

1. Buy the very best rope you can afford and a rope tarp to help keep it clean
2. Retire your rope the moment you even suspect it could be damaged.
3. Dry treatments help to repel dirt and grime which can cause accellerated rope wear. Impregnated dry ropes are even better than surface treated ropes. You can (and should) wash and dry treat ropes yourself (see rope accessories)
4. Use dynamic ropes for climbing - never use static or semi-static ropes.
5. Choose a length to suit the climbs you do - 30m for scrambling, indoor climbing and shorter routes, 50m for the majority of UK crags, 60 / 70m for alpine and long multipitch routes. Too long and you're carrying extra weight and tangles can be a problem, too short and you'll not get to the top (or bottom)
6. When using double ropes always have different colours for each rope - signalling which rope you want slack or tight on is much easier if you can identify it quickly.
7. Ropes with more elongation are better suited to sport climbing.
8. Light weight ropes are better suited to Alpine use
9. Hardwearing ropes are ideal for regular use, cragging and professional applications.
10. Heavier climbers should choose ropes with greater strength, ie: have a higher number of UIAA falls specified.
11. Very thin ropes can tangle more easily and be harder to un-tie, whereas thicker ropes can be more difficult to knot and fit through belay equipment.
12. MAKE SURE your belay equipment is suitable for the diameter and type of rope you choose.
13. DON'T choose a rope just because you like the colour or because its cheap - it will be a false economy.
14. ALWAYS use identical specification half ropes when double roping.
15. Single ropes are easier to use and are high suited to top / bottom roping and lead routes that take fairly straight lines.
16. Double ropes reduce friction on meandering routes, can provide greater protection and confidence but are more costly and difficult to handle. Weight is easily split between two rucksacks.
17. Twin ropes may appear to be similar to double ropes but must strictly be used as a pair through all the same clips so have only a small advantage over a good quality single rope but are great for high alpine use where the already low weight can be further shared between your party. 

Rope Brands
We aim to supply one of the most comprehensive selections of ropes available in the UK at very competitive prices. We've included links to the manufacturers sites below so you can really do your homework before committing to purchase your most critical and important piece of equipment.

AC Cousin - one of the world's largest manufacturers of ropes for every kind of sport and industrial uses. Climbing ropes incorporate reinforced sheaths ideal for professional users, climbing walls and centre use.

Edelrid - Well known German made ropes with loyal following. High performance products for demanding customers. We can supply any Edelrid rope to order, lead time varies but it is typically 12-14 days.

Roca - Spanish market leader, produce all the ropes in-house. Well loved by professionals and climbing walls because of their hard-wearing, no-nonsense products.

Zero G - The fast growing British brand which well known for producing great hardware has expanded into ropes and harnesses with excellent products at attractive prices.