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Naismith and Tranter calculator

Its wet, windy and you've a novice with you - can they get up that extra 1500 feet or should you turn back ? Two gentlement Naismith and Tranter came up with a set of calculations that attempt to answer the question of whether a walk / scramble is achievable by a given party and how long will it take. We have interpretted these calculations into a more modern system - have fun working out what your limit OUGHT to be !

1. feet Total of ALL ascents along the route.
2. miles Total horizontal outward and return distance.
3. Time your group takes to climb 1000ft on a 1 in 3 slope.
4. Weight carried per person
5. Time of day
6. Visibility
7. Wind
8. Conditions underfoot
9. Total time required for the journey: hours.

This calculator is for indicative purposes only, how it actually relates to your team and the conditions on the day is a matter of your personal judgement. Be prepared to change your plans should conditions vary too much from your plan. To improve the accuracy of these results, try breaking your trip down into several legs and calculating each leg in turn.