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Gift Lists

If you would like family or friends to buy you outdoor equipment, clothing or DVDs for Wedding; Birthday; Graduation; Christmas; Leaving Party or any other special event...

...Use our FREE Gift list service

Just four easy steps:
1. Add your selection to your online shopping cart
2. Select 'GIFT LIST' at the checkout as your payment* method
3. Tell friends and family your order number and our contact details
4. We collate friends and family orders then deliver to you.

* there is no payment to be made at this stage and the order is not binding.

Your friends and family just need to call us and quote your unique list number. We will help them select a gift to purchase or they can just provide a sum towards the list as a whole.

We will then dispatch the whole order to your address including a list of who purchased which items on your nominated date.

  • No multiple shipping charges even for small items
  • You get exactly what you need*
  • No duplicate presents
  • Full 'thank you' list provided
  • Option to purchase any unselected items yourself.
  • Delivered on the day of your choice*
* subject to availability

Please ensure that you email us with your preferred delivery date so we can endevour to make sure you receive your parcel at just the right time.

Additional information

i) If you are a member of our Discount Club or any of the other discount qualifying bodies and your discount code is included on your original Gift List order, all relevant discounts will be given to your friends and family for items on the list regardless of whether they have appropriate memberships.

ii) If any item is out of stock or unavailable we will allocate the value toward other item(s) on your list or substitute for a equivalent item of similar or higher value in that order.

iii) Cash amounts shall be allocated to whole items as far as is practical so that you will receive specific gifts from named individuals. Cash amounts shall be applied AFTER all other selections have been made so that buyers have maximum opportunity to nominate a gift of their choice.

iv) Where a gift has been paid for by multiple parties, we shall let you know who they are but we are unable to provide you with details of the specific proportions.

v) Prior to dispatch you will be given a list of items which have not been paid for - if you wish to purchase these yourself they will be included in your shipment at no extra shipping charge and with any relevant discount.

vi) In the event that there is any cash sum remaining unallocated it shall stay on your account as credit toward future purchases for 6 months after the nominated delivery date.

vii) Our normal terms and conditions remain unchanged except that we extend the return period so that it starts on your nominated delivery date so you have plenty of time to exchange and inspect your goods prior to acceptance - this does not affect your statutory rights.

viii) We may offer your buyers other optional services such as gift wrapping, card and message services but these will be entirely at their discretion. Additional charges arising will only be disclosed to the buyer.

ix) Any items returned for credit can only be refunded to the original card holder so we suggest that you select an alternate product instead to avoid any dissapointment on the part of the giver.

x) In the event of a cash surplus after all your items have been selected, this shall remain on your account as described in vi) above or refunded to the original card holders. No cash alternative is available.