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Deals on complete sets of protection
Deals on complete sets of protection

Checkout the price reductions on full sets of selected products from CASSIN and CAMP

See Hardware ->Passive Protection for details of deals on :
  • Nuts
  • Micros
  • Stoppers
  • Tricams
Cam sets at special prices
Cam sets at special prices

Special prices when you buy one of our Cam selections from CASSIN or ROCK EMPIRE

...we are carrying this seasons versions of the respected ROBOT and FLEX as well as CASSIN's brand new CAN-CAMs with coverage up to a massive 130mm !

Take a look in the Hardware -> Active Protection section for these quality cams starting from an incredible 20

Indoor MEGA pack - starting at just £110.00
Indoor MEGA pack - starting at just £110.00

Everything you need to climb at an indoor gym and make your first ventures outdoors.

We've put together some of the best price/performance items to make this our best mega value deal ever - save 's over standard prices plus this item qualifies for FREE UK p&p !

Harness - Ultra comfy Kosman with loads of gear loops so it will happily extend to outdoor use too

HMS carabiner - essential for belaying your partner

Belay device - Works on ropes up to 11mm as used in all gyms.

120cm sling - attaches between ground anchor and HMS for belaying a leader or heavier partner.

Chalkbag - contains the white stuff near to hand

Ball of Chalk - Performance sports chalk, dries even the sweatiest palms.

Rockboots - high friction rubber, excellent starter shoes with maximum comfort ideal for routes up to the low E grades.

Helmet - (optional) - highly recommended for all rock sports to protect against falling items and painful knocks.

30m rope - (optional) - perfect for leading indoors and perfect for the majority of UK crags.

50m rope - (optional) - full length rope for leading indoors and perfect for all UK crags and multipitch routes.

(Colours and styles may vary. If we are unable to supply any of the items shown we will substitute it with an equivalent)

Price:  £112.34 / EUR 140.44 Including VAT

Harness waist size

Choose rope

Rockboot Size

Helmet (add 28.75)

Outdoor MEGA pack - from only £375.00
Outdoor MEGA pack - from only £375.00
This pack is designed to pick up where the Indoor pack leaves off.

A further selection of top quality components to make up a general purpose climbing rack to cover everything from grade 3S scrambling through to leading E1/2 standard outdoors.

We've included a number of options so you can get the best out of this offer to most closely match your preferred climbing.
Save £££££s against individual prices depending on your chosen selection.

Outdoor MEGA Pack contents:

Full set of 9 nuts - ideal for 'nornal' cracks and placements in any type of rock

Set of 8 Hexes on dyneema sizes 6 to 11 - Big protection for solid anchors and large cracks.

Set of 4 Friends - sizes 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 - Perfect for protecting parallel sided cracks

Nut key - a must to remove stubborn equipment to clean the pitch after your climb, especially if you take a fall when pieces can jam in hard.

Selection of 6 dyneema slings - 2 each of 60cm, 120cm and 240cm for rigging on overhangs, stances, anchors and a myriad other uses.

4 locking carabiners - essential connectors that won't accidentally unclip once tightened

5 quickdraws - sport and traditional route must-haves to clip the rope into for your protection.

2 prussik loops - Often overlooked this tiny rope can be a brake, ascender and absail safety. Don't leave home without one.

6.5m x 7mm cordlette - Great idea from the USA to lessen the number of slings needed to create a really secure balanced belay.

guide book cover - no need to ruin your books in the rain or snagging in your rucksack, you can even clip it to your harness using its carabiner loop.

Optional items

If you want to get serious on a wider range of rock types then you'll need a bigger rack for more options. Buy it now and save an even bigger bundle of 's

Set of 3 micro nuts - for those really small cracks that nothing else will fit in.

Set of Wired Hexes sizes 1-5 - Complete your set of hexes with these smaller ones on wire that allow you to reach into even more awkward placements.

3 Small sized friends - extended the range of small sized cams for harder rock types with small fissures

3 Large sized friends - massive cams for the really big cracks in gritstone and other softer rocks.

Figure 8 - belay devices can overheat and melt the rope on longer absails, use a Figure 8 instead for maximum heat dissipation, control and maximum safety, especially when locked off properly with one of your prussik loops.

Price:  £382.98 / EUR 478.73 Including VAT

3 micro nuts 01, 02, 03 (add 14.11)

5 wired hexes sizes 1-5 (add 28.93)

3 small friends sizes 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 (add 85.31)

3 large friends sizes 3.5, 4.5, 5.0 (add 99.55)

Figure of 8 (add 7.06)