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Automatic CarabinersAutomatic Carabiners
Extra safe self-locking carabiners that dont require the user to remember to lock them, ideal for beginners.
Accessory Carabiners & Carabiner AccessoriesAccessory Carabiners & Carabiner Accessories
Small low cost carabiners for attatching bits and bobs together, ideal for keys etc.
Via Ferrata Carabiners / KlettersteigeVia Ferrata Carabiners / Klettersteige
Large easy release carabiners for clipping as you move along fixed protection
Industrial Steel Carabiners (all types)Industrial Steel Carabiners (all types)
High strength carabiners for industrial and other high wear uses.
Screwgate CarabinersScrewgate Carabiners
Carabiners with safety locking gates to help prevent accidental opening.
HMS CarabinersHMS Carabiners
Pear shaped carabiners for belaying, rapelling or rigging where extra space or heat dissipation is required.

Whats a kN ?
Most climbing gear is rated with various strength markings. The most common is kN (Kilo-Newton)

A Newton (named after the famous gravitational scientist) is the unit of force required to accelerate a mass of one kilogram one meter per second per second. With accelleration due to Earthy's gravity being just under 10 meters per second per second, 1kN is equivalent to a static mass a little over 100Kg.

Its important to realise that during a fall, even an average climber weighing 80Kg will exert much greater forces on the equipment in use due to dynamic loading, friction, pulley effects and belaying skills. In reality, forces of 6kN - 7kN are not uncommon during a fall.

There is an excellent article about this published by the BMC here about how important it is to appreciate the strength of your equipment in order to use it correctly.

Sage advice is to replace to equipment, even if it appears undamaged, if you have taken a serious fall on it which may have weakened it.