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Cassin Classic Crash Pad
Cassin Classic Crash Pad

Price:  £102.12 / EUR 127.66 Including VAT

A one piece classic burrito style crash pad easily carried as a rucksack and with plenty of space for all your bouldering needs.

Very large size.
One piece for greater safety.
Becomes a real backpack to hold all your gear for a hands free trek to the crag.

Features: One piece crash pad & rucksack

Colours: black

Weight: 4,5 Kg.

Crash pads can only de delivered to UK Mainland addresses
Moon Saturn Crash Pad
Moon Saturn Crash Pad

Price:  £183.83 / EUR 229.79 Including VAT


Named after the second largest planet in our solar system Saturn is the big daddy of the Moon pad family and measures 160 x 120 x 11 cm or 63 x 48 x 4.5 inches. It has all the same features as the Warrior but just a bigger and thicker landing area. Features padded rucksack shoulder straps. Approx weight is 8kg or 17lbs.

Crash pads can only de delivered to UK and EC addresses
Cassin Mijo Bouldering Chalk Bag
Cassin Mijo Bouldering Chalk Bag

Price:  £25.52 / EUR 31.91 Including VAT

It looks a bit odd but this is a truly superb bit of kit - everyone who tried it out on our stand at the Ordinance Survey Outdoors Show last year thought it was just the best new idea in chalk bags ever. It holds loads of chalk securely in the water resistant base retained by mesh cover; is near impossible to spill even if you kick it along, chalk stays dry and out of the wind and the best bit is you can use it as a hand warmer in between climbs. Incorporates a toothbrush holder and zip up cash pocket. Easy to carry too.
PAD Mamut chalkbag
PAD Mamut chalkbag Zoom in

Price:  £20.41 / EUR 25.51 Including VAT

Large volume chalkbag / bouldering bucket. Assorted colours and fabrics.

Stable shape
Easy carry handle
C.A.M.P. Bulk chalk
C.A.M.P. Bulk chalk

Price:  £8.99 / EUR 11.23 Including VAT

Chalk box of 8 x 2oz blocks to share with friends or fill a giant bouldering bag - less than half the price of chalk balls.
Mad Rock The Finger
Mad Rock The Finger

Price:  £6.12 / EUR 7.66 Including VAT

Originally a one-off custom design for a Mad Rock team member working on a knotty bouldering project. Mad #3 super sticky rubber protects your finger-tips, while allowing for superlative grip on too-small crimpers or greasy slopers. Ideal for training, protecting injured fingers, and when you need that little extra something.
Pack of 3
Finger Tape
Finger Tape


Specifically designed to help prevent injury. Can be used to increase pulley support of finger tendons and to combine fingers to support one another. Usage instructions included.

Narrow: 2 rolls of 1.25cm x 5m
Wide: 1 roll of 2.5cm x 10m