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There's something different about us :

Don't let the website fool you - we're actually real Earth people and we love the same things you do...

We don't have a shop because you don't necessarilly live near us - whether you're lucky enough to live near a British hill or crag or commute from the city when you get a chance, we believe you should have access to great gear all the time.

Mail, fax, telephone and Internet shopping are all supported so no matter how you prefer to shop, we can serve you.

We don't have hundreds of staff - sometimes that means we can't get to your call immediately but you'll never have to wait in a telephone queue or speak to a machine (except to leave your phone number) and because we love the same things you do, we'll understand what you're asking for.

We need you to come back again and again - so our service is second to none. Sure, everyone claims this but without you we are nothing and everyday we remind ourselves this. If we do something right please tell everyone about us... if we do something wrong, please let us know so we can do everything reasonable to put it right.

We sell whole ranges - rather than pick and choose one or two items from a manufacturer we try to hold complete ranges - all sizes / colours / formats etc. This means you get the chance to do what is rarely ever possible do in a conventional shop - put together a fully co-ordinated set-up.

We'll get what we don't have - Need a spare or want something not on our website ? Tell us what you need and we'll do our very best to get it for you.

We'll talk to you like a human - whether you're new to climbing and want advice or you are an old hand looking for a blade for an out of manufacture pick that you can't do without. We'll take time to be sure you know we're here to help.

We try to see the whole picture - equipment and clothing alone has never climbed a mountain - it needs you to do the real work. That's why we also sell a range of training systems that we believe are uniquely suited to mountain sports to enhance your abilities.

Quality partnerships ensure we deliver our services

Unless you're free soloing you're never truly alone. We prefer to work with the best in the business to give you the service you deserve. These are some of our non-climbing related partners to demonstrate just how serious we are about quality thoughout everything we do:

HSBC International banking services
Royal Mail Delivery and transport
Fasthosts Internet hosting services
British Telecom communication services

Founded 2003 was established in 2003 by Internet entrepreneur and climbing and mountaineering enthusiast Dean Winsbury. Founded on the principle of supplying the best specialist goods for the task with a service ethic that was more akin to that found in a specialist outdoor store than the pile it high approach adopted by many less stable Internet companies. The continuing presence of Walkhigh in the ultra-competitive Internet retail market is testament to the speciality and quality of products and service and long term customer relationships on offer. The company has grown consistently year on year and now occupies two warehouses in central England with excellent transport connections while maintaining its friendly service ethic with Dean still manning the phones regularly to ensure that we stay in touch with our customers changing needs.

Walkhigh Mountaineering LLP is a UK Limited Liability Partnership established to bring the power of Internet shopping to the climbing community by using the Internet to furnish detailed product information combined with skilled staff available on the telephone to provide customers with a 'corner shop' experience online.